ASICS Gel-Oberon 10, Women’s Training Running Shoes

ASICS Gel-Oberon 10, Women's Training Running Shoes
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The Asics Gel-Oberon 10 continues to build on its predecessors whilst still being ideal for runners who do not run particularly high mileage with a focus particularly on providing superb heel cushioning through Asics cutting edge technologies. Taking your training to the next level The Asics Gel Oberon 10 will get you there boasting an Air Mesh Upper which has been greatly improved since the first of its line. Issues in breathability and ventilation have been properly addressed, providing for a more relaxed, more fulfilling, and more comfortable running experience. Securing the upper material printed synthetic overlays have been merged over the mesh to support the overall framework while giving aesthetic value to the shoe. Securing the upper allows the wearer to promote a more natural motion, taking stress out of the fibres, expanding the life expectancy of your trainer. All runners want the best out of there shoes, with plenty of comfort in mind the Oberon 10 offers supreme cushioning with its fully attached padded tongue, fortifying the ankle and working alongside the EVA removable sockliner, for a full foot fresh feel while supporting a medical orthotic. Breaking into the midsole details The Gel-Oberon 10 compression moulded EVA midsole, provides for optimum comfort through its impressive cushioning between the upper and the sole. Also, with the combination of the EVA midsole and the California Slip Lasting technology, the shoes also makes waves in the stability category, besting even some of those established stability running shoes. Found between the sole and upper The Eva midsole itself is a spongy layer that provides cushioning to the underfoot of the shoe, ensuring optimum comfort throughout your exercise. The Asics Gel-Oberon 10 Running Shoes feature rearfoot and forefoot cushioning to attenuate shock during impact phase and allows for a smooth transition to mid stance for superb comfort underfoot. The outsole performance of the Asics Gel-Oberon 10 is Const

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